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Universal Design

Portrait of a girl on her computer

Why Do I Need A Learning Management System (LMS)?

Sep 08 2020

You need more than Learning “Management.” You need to Design Learning for Results! Who Wins? Imagine you’re a hiring manager who needs to choose between…

An old fashioned potato peeler on a cutting board with some potatoes in various states of peeling. Universal Design for Learning

Universal Design for Learning

Oct 15 2019

Traditional stainless steel vegetable peeler Better Living Through Design: One Company’s Quest to Improve a Simple Kitchen Gadget One day, ten-year-old me was sitting at…

Computer and working desk with items. How Curbs Made the Cut

How Curbs Made the Cut

Sep 18 2019

Curb Cuts: 99% Invisible, 100% Usable Photo of a young skateboarder and a man pushing a stroller as they approach a curb cut In 1997…