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Is COVID-19 forcing your organization to instantly transition to remote work?

Learn How YesLMS Can Help

YesLMS is here to help your transition to recent changes

COVID-19 is having a significant effect on all of us and it’s clear we will all be facing new challenges in the coming weeks and months. In addition to the health crisis, many organizations are facing challenges with meeting the needs of their newly remote teams such as providing access to knowledge and training (including courses that may be critical for continued operation)?

We’re here to help.

YesLMS is the first completely accessible, cloud-based Learning Management System (LMS). We created this platform with the goal of making educational content accessible to every individual.

YesLMS is super easy to use and, in most cases, we can have your team up and running the same day with a guided demo from one of our consultants.

We are offering discounts to new customers to help ease the transition to a new platform during this challenging time. We can help cut through red tape and get you immediate access.

If you are looking for a solution to help you adapt to the abrupt changing needs of your organization, please schedule a demonstration to see how YesLMS can help your organization find the right fit, right now!

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Changing the way education is delivered.

We are on a mission to revolutionize online learning with the most user-friendly, robust and easy-to-use learning management system on the market today. Learn why universal design for learning is more than just a bright idea.

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A learning management system designed for everyone.

See how YesLMS can help your organization—schedule a live demonstration today.

YesLMS is a cloud-based Learning Management System (LMS) that guarantees a barrier-free education for students and professionals. Unlike many learning management systems, YesLMS has universal design for learning (UDL) integrated into every aspect of the platform. It is the first and only LMS platform in the US with complete universal learning capabilities. YesLMS was created with universal design in mind every step of the way — making it possible to deliver equal educational opportunities to every learner.

The world’s most accessible LMS.

YesLMS was created by education professionals with the goal of making educational content accessible to every individual. Users are able to customize the platform to fit their unique needs. These are among the reasons why YesLMS is used and approved by the Helen Keller National Center for its learners, employees, and vendors.

We have worked with YesLMS over the past two years, and their LMS has fulfilled our accessibility needs perfectly! We are excited to recommend YesLMS for anyone creating online learning modules that are user-friendly and accessible to everyone!

Learning management software that works for your organization.

Accessible & responsive. 24/7 fast, friendly support. Cloud-based technology. Fully customizable and scalable. Our robust features mean that you spend less time administering and more time learning.

A custom LMS platform for your industry.

YesLMS can be fully customized for your business or organization, including Education, Business, and Government.


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