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Our Story

We are a mission-driven company dedicated to eliminating barriers in education. Built with a focus on accessibility, YesLMS ensures that all students and employees receive equal access to education, training, and professional development resources.

Online training, distance learning, and computer-based education continues to become more ubiquitous and widespread as e-learning technology continues to advance. Learning management systems are commonplace at most colleges and universities, as well as an increasing number of businesses, organizations, and government agencies. As a result, educational and training opportunities are available to a wider audience than ever before.

While increasing the number of people who are able to benefit from e-learning is, overall, a good thing, the expanding use of computer-based education technology has not necessarily translated into increased accessibility for individuals who would gain the most from this trend: those who access technology in different ways.

YesLMS was created with the idea of making educational content accessible to every individual. That’s why we’re Your Education System. Most learning management systems do not offer accessibility options that many students need. With backgrounds as educators and vocational rehabilitation counselors, Linda Hedenblad set out to develop a learning management system that provides universal accessibility to all individuals. The result of their effort is YesLMS.

YesLMS users are able to customize the platform to fit their needs, including options for content appearance, site navigation, and user interface. It’s one of the reasons why YesLMS is approved and used by Helen Keller National Center.

YesLMS is designed to provide an equitable learning experience for all individuals, including those who require special devices (such as glasses), assistive technology (such as screen reader software), or accommodations (such as more time to learn). Many people do not realize that education and training materials are often not formatted in a way that is accessible to diverse learners. This may be due to lack of experience with individuals with disabilities, lack of training in how to develop accessible materials, or lack of awareness of the challenges and inequities encountered by individuals with visible or “hidden” disabilities. At YesLMS, we seek to change that. YesLMS is not just for people with disabilities. When technology is designed with accessibility in mind, the product is a system that is easier-to-use, more efficient, more attractive, and has better functionality for all users. With YesLMS, we can excite, engage, and educate Everyone.

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